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Actual Fluency Affiliate Programme

Get up to 50% commission!

Promote Bite Size Language Courses, and receive 50% commission on all referrals!

Note: You'll be able to promote any product (including the Polyglot Cruise) once you've created your account.

Bite Size Languages

Funnel Setup

Here's how the funnel is constructed.


    Bite Size Courses (5 different languages)

    The frontend offer is a single course of Bite Size Languages (100 dialogues) or all 5 languages a bundle.



    Affiliate Commission


Note that the prices may be split-tested at times, so please don't mention the exact price in your marketing.

Questions? Contact Kris

I'm happy to help you out with all kinds of questions about promoting Bite Size Languages the best way. 

I've made over $100,000 promoting language products as an affiliate myself over the last 5 years, so I know my stuff ;)

Get Email Swipe Copy

Below you can find some email copy that you can use to promote Bite Size Languages. This section is still work in progress. Feel free to contact me, if you have any special requirements, as I'm happy to custom make any kind of email copy or promotion for you.

Banners and Graphics

In this section you'll find graphics and banners you can use to promote the courses.

All graphics, logos, and banners

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

The rules for the Bite Size Affiliate Programme are very simple, and as long as you promote in an ethical, and honest way there is no risk of being terminated from the programme. I do have to have some rules in place, so please read the below before you start promoting.

1. Absolutely no paid advertising bidding on any names related to the product. This means "Bite Size Languages" "Bite Size Courses" "Bite Size (language)" and any other variation where you intend to use your affiliate link on the paid advertising destination page, or send traffic directly using your affiliate link. If you are discovered to do this, you will be expelled from the affiliate programme and all earnings seized.


2. No paid or cash-equivalent bonuses are to be offered for people who buy through your link. This means you can't offer people money, gift cards or similar currencies if they buy through your link. You are more than welcome to offer bonuses that you have made yourself like courses, books, and consulting, and other resources.


3. No impersonation of Bite Size Languages, Actual Fluency, or Kris Broholm is allowed. If your content makes it seem like you are me, or from Actual Fluency, then we'll ask you to remove it.


4. You must disclaim your relationship in any content. When producing content about Bite Size Languages, be sure to mention your relationship with the product, and that you are compensated (at no additional cost to the buyer) should anyone buy via your recommendation. On YouTube you can use #ad in the description, in blog posts or emails you can add a disclaimer to the bottom of the content. Just be ethical about it.


5. Payments are made monthly, once 30 days have passed since the initial sale (to allow for refunds). There is no minimum earnings or sales to be eligible for a payout.