Polyglot Cruise

Sponsorship Packages

Note from Kris: The Polyglot Cruise is a new event series, so in order to offer the maximum value all the below offers include Polyglot Cruise #1 (April 18-25, 2020) and Polyglot Cruise #2 (Autumn, 2020)


4 out of 5 packages remaining.

Two-For-One: Polyglot Cruise #1 and #2 included!

Logo/Banner in booklet and on programme.

Include anything in the participant swag bag (within reason.)

Mentions in participant surveys (pre- and post-cruise)

    Mentions in email broadcasts about the cruise

      Mention on the "Sponsors" page



        Only 1 out of 2 packages remaining.

        Everything from Silver PLUS

        Full-page ad in the booklet

        Your banners or posters visible during the entire event

        15-minute keynote address during welcome and good-bye ceremonies (no blatant pitches, please!)

        Bring up to 3 colleagues at a greatly reduced price.

        Featured on the front page and Facebook Groups


        GOOD TO KNOW

        1. Due to high fixed costs imposed by the Cruise line we regret that we're unable to offer free tickets with any sponsorship package.

        2. There are roughly 50 participants registered for Polyglot Cruise #1, with 100 expected to participate in Polyglot Cruise #2.

        3. Due to the unique nature of the event, there's a lot of natural buzz.

        4. By supporting the event you're working with one of the most established companies and podcasts in the industry (Actual Fluency).