Actual Fluency Podcast

Promo Packages

Note from Kris: The first aim of any podcast episode is to provide value to the listener. It is not a pitchfest, or an opportunity to shamelessly plug any software or service, irrespective of what promotional addons your company choose below.


My aim is to provide you as much exposure and value as possible, so please feel free to request any additional services not listed on the packages below.

Silver Package

For Smaller Companies.

Your product/service discussed on the episode

Link in show notes of episode

Do-follow link on the popular resources Page

Mention in weekly newsletter


Platinum Package

For bigger companies

Everything from Silver, plus:

Your software/Service reviewed on Actual Fluency (1000+ words, 2 do-follow backlinks) example.

Dedicated Email blast about your service/software to 2000 subscribers 

Fixed, permanent spot in email autoresponder series which hundreds of learners go through every month

Highlighted feature on resources page

Testimonial to use in your marketing

Social media blast to 5000+ followers (FB/Twitter)


Not interested in the packages?

It is not mandatory to purchase a promotional package to appear on the Actual Fluency Podcast.


The packages are simply ways for us to add additional value and promote your company better.


However, as a commercial entity the following restrictions will apply on the free recording:

1. No excessive mention or discussion of the brand/product (if it happens it will be edited out..)

2. The main focus of the episode will be the backstory of the inventor/interesting person selected by the company.

3. No links or mentions will be offered.


Click here to book a time with these restrictions.